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The Perfect Card Making Computer Software

The best types of greeting cards to give to anyone are cards that have a personal touch. They can have more personality and creativity than what can be found in a typical card store. Card making computer software can help make greeting cards more personal and unique. Here is a look at some of the many card making computer software programs that are on the market.

PrintMaster Platinum is one of the best programs in the world of card making computer software. It features not only greeting card programs but also takes care of business cards, calendars, and other great products for personal use. Greeting cards can even be emailed to others with sound files attached to them. Animated greeting cards can be created and sent to other people through email. These cards are unique because they have animated images that can be customized and altered by the person who creates the card. PrintMaster Platinum has a large selection of images to use with this feature.

The Print Shop Deluxe is another card making computer software program to look for. It is one of the best software programs to use because of its great variety of templates. More than fifteen thousand templates and three hundred thousand clip art images can be used on a project in this program. Batch photo editing is also available on this software. This is where an entire group of photos can be edited and altered at once, making it easier to create the card.

Hallmark Card Studio 2007 is currently the only card making computer software that works with the Windows Vista operating system. Of course, this product is made by the top authority in the greeting card business. Digital photograph editing can be used with this program so that the user will be able to import their own photos into the card and correct anything wrong with the pictures. Custom sounds can also be sent through emailed cards.

For the Macintosh and various other operating systems, the ArcSoft Greeting Card Creator can be used. It is incredibly easy to handle photographs in this program, which is great for anyone looking to use photos outside of the clip art that may be featured on typical card making computer software. Color adjusting can also be used for the photos.

For those looking to spend less money on card making computer software, the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer can be used. It is worth about ten dollars at a typical store. This covers thousands of templates for greeting cards and is easy to use. Photos can be fully edited, including image size changes. Projects can be saved as .PDF files for easy sharing and access by others.

Those are some of the card making computer software programs to check out. These programs not only feature many great features but also give the user more creativity. With so many different options to choose from, it can be tough to find the right card making computer software for one’s needs. The best thing, however, is that all of them can be used to make cards that are unique and truly original.


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