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Dragon Naturally Speaking Computer Software


Dragon Naturally Speaking computer software allows you to talk instead of type. There are several computer software programs available that allow you to speak into a microphone instead of typing. These types of computer software can be helpful if you don't type quickly. In fact, with Dragon Naturally Speaking, you can have up to 160 words per minute typed. Some other speech-to-text software programs actually cause you to speak slower than you normally would, which slows down the typing even more. Therefore, finding software that is compatible with your computer and allows you to type/speak up to 160 words per minute is great.

Dragon Naturally Speaking computer software also allows for three times faster speed than typing. Most individuals can type around 60 words per minute, so increasing that speed is crucial for completing projects on time. Additionally, Dragon Naturally Speaking has a 99% accuracy rate for words being typed. This means that 1% of the information may not be translated accurately or spelled correctly. It is important to always proofread your work once you have completed the document.

You will find that this computer software is easy to use and install. Like most software programs, it comes with a disk that allows for immediate installation. You will not need to be trained on how to use the program, making it easy for just about anyone. It will also help you type up long projects and work well for time management. Furthermore, it supports non-standard edit controls, giving you control over editing. This leads to better accuracy for what you say in a variety of applications.

The system requirements for the Dragon Naturally Speaking computer software program are an Intel Pentium processor or equivalent, 512 MB of RAM, 1 GB of free space, Microsoft Windows XP or higher, Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or equivalent sound card, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, CD-ROM drive, Nuance headset, and a web connection.

Dragon Naturally Speaking computer software has several different versions, including preferred, medical, professional, and legal software. These programs differ in that they understand the vocabulary specific to each field, rather than having incompatible communication. There are resources and updates available to help improve the system. Additionally, you can use the software for personal and home use, not just for work. It is compatible with most email, instant messengers, and the web, helping you accomplish everything you need to do.

For those who still use the hunt and peck method of typing, this computer software is the best program to help you become as fast as your friends or relatives. Computer software that allows you to speak naturally instead of type can benefit you at work and at home. With Dragon Naturally Speaking software programs, you are guaranteed the highest quality and accuracy for your needs. This helps speed up the working process for many companies and individuals.

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