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Your First Line of Defense Against "Body Burden" is Natural Cellular Defense

Your First Line of Defense Against "Body Burden" is Natural Cellular Defense

Scientists have coined the term "body burden" to characterize the high concentration of chemicals found in the ordinary individual as a consequence of exposure to industrial toxins throughout life. As the mother's placenta grows within us throughout pregnancy, our bodies begin to accumulate various synthetic chemicals and heavy metals.

New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Environmental Working Group collaborated on a study of nine volunteers done by researchers at two major labs (a group consisting of individuals who were neither exposed to chemicals in their work environment nor lived near an industrial facility). Incredibly, the findings were astounding. Their blood and urine contained an average of 91 different industrial compounds, contaminants, and chemicals, totaling 167 different substances. 94 substances are toxic to the brain and neurological system, whereas 76 chemicals cause cancer in humans or animals, and 79 chemicals cause birth abnormalities or abnormal development.

Chemical businesses are not obligated by the Environmental Protection Agency's regulations to report to the EPA on the usage of their compounds, nor are they responsible for monitoring the environmental fate of their products. There is a lot to worry about in the research cited above, and it surely explains why so many people are suffering from chronic ailments today. Chemicals that our systems can't break down wind up accumulating in our bodies, which poisons our tissues and may both worsen and cause illness.

For the first time since August of 2005, a simple and affordable method of removing toxins from the body has been made available for use by anybody who wishes to do so. Natural Cellular Protection (NCD), a non-prescription medicine derived from natural substances, is our next line of defense against an environment we cannot control. A volcanic ash called zeolite is the key element in NCD. Substance: This is not a novel. The method used to create this specific zeolite is a first. Toxins may now be easily removed from the body with a simple-to-use detoxifier available in liquid form. The honeycomb structure of cavities and channels traps allergies, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals at the cellular level. In nature, zeolites are one of the few negatively charged minerals, so they attract toxins and trap them in their cages before flushing them out of the body.

This substance was originally being studied as a cancer treatment, but it would take eight to ten years and $800 million to get there. A potent and singular detoxifier, it was introduced to the market as a natural chemical on the FDA's GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list. Natural Cellular Defense is supported by a U.S. Patent and the results of years of study by recognized and inventive experts often connected with the pharmaceutical industry. In August of 2005, Waiora acquired the sole rights to distribute their products throughout the world.

Research into zeolite has yielded excellent results. According to these findings, the following functions have been discovered:

First and foremost, NCD's potential to stimulate tumor suppressor cells in the body, resulting in the death of sick or mutant cells, is one of the most significant functions claimed.

Lead and mercury are four of the most common causes of neurological illnesses such as autism and dementia, and they are linked to heavy metal poisoning: lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. Natural Cellular Defense helps eliminate these heavy metals from the body.

The process of viral replication is blocked by NCD, and so it is a promising non-toxic anti-viral therapy. According to recent research, the common cold and flu, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and hepatitis C are among the conditions for which NCD appears to be beneficial.

Pregnant women who want to prevent passing on toxins and heavy metals via the placenta might benefit from taking NCD, a detoxifying meal.

7.35–7.45 is the optimum blood pH level for brain and immune system activation because NCD generates a natural buffer that maintains a blood pH level of 7.35–7.55.

NCD enhances nutritional absorption and so minimizes the risk of malnutrition without any further dietary adjustments. The body's ability to absorb nutrients declines as we get older, making this more critical.

As an antioxidant, NCD absorbs free radicals straight into the zeolite's pores and thereby reduces free radical activity. NCD complements whatever antioxidant drink you may already be drinking, like green tea, since it behaves differently than an antioxidant.

Zeolites capture antigens that cause allergies, migraines, and asthma.

The digestive system may be protected against nitrosamines by using NCD. Several types of cancer, including pancreatic, leukemia, and brain malignancies, have been linked to nitrosamines contained in meat, which are strong cancer-causing chemicals.

Scientist and product inventor Harvey Kaufman, PhD, has finished a study on End-IV cancer patients. This is essentially a group of patients who have exhausted all other options. Writing up his findings and submitting them for publication in The American Medical Journal are two of his goals for the future. In spite of the fact that Waiora is unable to make any claims, it may offer up some oddities. A median prognosis of fewer than six weeks was provided to all 65 patients who began NCD 15 months ago. As of now, 51 people are cancer-free and in remission.

Consider this if you still prefer to keep your medicine cabinet stocked with over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals rather than a natural detoxifier. Simply add 10 drops of a tasteless liquid to water three times every day for a month to treat NCD. Maintaining a lower dosage costs just a few bucks a week.

For NCD to be a major breakthrough in nutritional therapies and perhaps the biggest breakthrough in cancer prevention and treatment, if all of the preliminary research and consumer product testimonials hold true, this product could replace or at the very least complement the current methods of treating cancer and a variety of other chronic diseases prevalent in today's society.

If you're looking for an alternative to prescription medications, Natural Cellular Defense is an excellent option. For the first time ever, a supplement can cleanse your body in an unprecedented manner, no matter what else you're taking. By reducing your body's load, you may accomplish a lot for your health and well-being in only one month.

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