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Weight loss without the use of gimmicks

Weight loss without the use of gimmicks

In a keyword tracker tool or in a search engine like Google, you'll be surprised to learn how many people search for "weight loss" every day. On a daily basis, there are more than 5000 searches for "how to lose weight" on's word monitoring gadget, for example.

But this shouldn't frighten us, since the ordinary individual does wish to be liked, sought after, and popular. Our fascination with celebrities may be explained by the fact that we often follow whatever fad or trend they promote in our drive to lose weight and be thinner, even if it means risking our own well-being in order to do so.

As shown by an examination of nature, no animal that is not in captivity is padded to the gills with superfluous weight. That's because animals don't have complex health care systems like humans do, and instead rely on basic principles like eating the correct meals for their kind and getting enough activity to keep them in good condition. These are only some of the fundamental rules; others include getting enough sleep, receiving some sunlight, and engaging with people.

One reason I'm writing this is to let you know that, as the slogan of my drugless healing website says, "If one way is true, it's the way of nature," there are a plethora of myths and fads that claim to help you lose weight. When these are dissected, you'll wonder why you ever thought to give them a try.

The natural world, on the other hand, does not kneel before any altar, seeks neither praise nor acclaim, and merely wants to be heard, my friends.

Naturopathy's three pillars—diet, exercise, and herbal remedies—are your best hope for losing weight.

-Adequate Training

A Healthy Diet

-Thinking Positively

I'll go through each one briefly in the next few paragraphs:

The right exercise

Like most people, I believed that huge, bulging muscles signified that I was in good health and that I was in good shape. Wrong. There's a chance that it depicts strength-to a degree-for a short period of time, but ask anyone about Bruce Lee, who's said to have performed 1,000 push-ups and other feats of strength, and it's clear that Lee was not a bloated mass of muscle waiting to atrophy and deflate, as is the case with most fitness experts and bodybuilders using artificial supplements.

There is no need to utilize synthetic chemicals in order to get a good workout, as long as you stick to simple aerobic and anaerobic workouts (like jogging, walking, and dancing) and weightlifting exercises (like the ab-wheel and weightlifting). Yoga is the best kind of exercise for both the body and the mind.

The Sun Salutations (hailed in Yoga, Martial Arts, and African Wrestling as the "best workout for humans") with a correct and reasonable diet, which I will be describing shortly, will put you on the road to weight reduction and strength.

Some Indian guys are so fit, strong, agile, and virulent because they do this wonderful workout 100 or more times a day. The inversions (shoulder-stand), forward bends (Head to Knee Pose), backward bends, and balancing postures (perhaps the finest exercises for strengthening the arms and abdomen as well as regaining one's feeling of equilibrium and self-confidence) will further enhance the benefits. Well, did you know that Sting, Madonna, Russell Simmons, Beyonce, and Prince are all devotees of some type of yoga? And, needless to say, they all look fantastic.

In my view, yoga, Pilates, and calisthenics are among the best workouts for the human body since they utilize the body's own weight as resistance, rather than external weights.

The chimpanzee has been hauling rocks for a long time. It's eight times stronger than the typical contemporary person, yet this human's distant relative can take a vehicle door off with ease. In any case, the fact that humans share 98 percent of our DNA with this monkey (as well as other primates) begs the question of how much healthier and fitter we might be if we followed and lived according to the strict guidelines of nature's diet and exercise.

Eating a healthy diet is essential.

"You are what you eat"-(Anonymous)

Let your meals and medicine be the two sides of the same coin. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, is credited with the development of the field of medicine.

"Every plant that has seed and every tree that bears fruit with seed in it will be your food," says the Bible (Gen 1:29).

Modern diets, as illustrated by the aforementioned radical quotes, go directly against nature's design for human fitness, agility, and strength. In order to get the diet you need to lose weight, read these three statements again, and you'll see it right in front of your eyes: vegetables and fruits.

For someone who was a raw vegan for many months, (now, I eat largely fasting and mono meals of fruit and raw or cooked veggies every other day), it could be a little difficult to achieve or maintain. In other words, if you approach it in the incorrect manner, irrational and without a solid basis, you may be doomed to failure.

Many books have been written on this sort of diet, and although my site's main e-book fully covers the topic, you may key in terms like "Vegan Diets, Raw Vegan Diets, Vegetarianism" into any search engine to learn more about it. In my opinion, the first two of the three diets, and maybe the third if done properly and carefully, are the best for human beings, no matter which one you choose!

As a part of my essay entitled "Is a Low-Carb, High Protein Diet the Best for Weight Loss?" which is accessible on my site and several article directories, I discussed internal hygiene and non-animal product diets. In light of the above quotations, and the fact that this diet has been demonstrated to be the best several times (ask Bill Pearlman—four times Mr. Universe winner! ), it goes without saying that a diet devoid of animal products is the healthiest for humans.

My article "How to Cure Acne in 10 Days" is available on most major article directories online, and I've also included it in my blog for my readers to read if they're interested.

This is the last thing I'll say about diet because, as several Naturopathy authors have noted, and from our own observations, we primates are frugivores who eat primarily fruits and green leaves, and this cannot be a coincidence because these substances make up the mucus-free or alkaline-forming foods that even science has proven to be the best.

Positive thinking

Some passages from the Bible, which is perhaps the most durable book ever compiled, remind us how important it is to approach one's endeavors with a cheerful, as well as a smart, frame of mind. According to the saying, "A man is what he thinks about in his heart." The adage "Guard your heart, because it is the source of all life" comes to mind. When you think about something again and over, it will finally come to fruition.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of "Power of Positive Thinking," says, "You are what you are today based on your ideas five years ago and will be in five years what you continuously think of yourself now."

You're reading this because you want to better yourself in some way, whether it's via weight loss or any other means. Despite the importance of one's ideas (especially when they are constructive and good), if one doesn't take action on them, they become useless.

If you're going to lose weight, you're going to have times where you doubt yourself and wonder if you'll ever succeed, which is why so many people give up on diets and fads. My friend, you're going to have to literally tune your thinking to be positive so as to overcome the doubts and fears you have as you go about achieving your goals. The two additional arms of drugless healing for weight loss will be easy to implement since they work hand-in-hand.

As a last word of advice, disregard the latest craze or trend. The three pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude, must all be addressed in order for a weight loss program to be effective. It is my aim that this essay will assist you in making informed decisions on how to lose weight, become healthy, and improve your overall well-being.

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